Skill Level Definitions

Level 1 - BEGINNER

You have no riding experience and want to try riding a motorcycle.
You have not grasped the concept of using a clutch and shifter.
You want to start your child riding a motorcycle.

The AdMo-Tours beginner dirt bike school
Level 1: Entry level dirt bike school for anyone age 10 or older (no motorcycle experience needed). On request we offer private individual dirt bike lessons for younger children age 5+

Level 2 - NOVICE

You have minimal riding experience.
You have been on a motorcycle a few times.
You know how to handle the clutch and shift gears.
You can handle some curves with minor leans and braking.
You have little or no experience riding un-surfaced roads like gravel or dirt.

The AdMo-Tours novice dirt bike course
Level 2: Novice rider course for anyone age 12 or older with some prior motorcycle riding experience. A person entering this course typically experiences difficulty maneuvering on rocks, in sand, or climbing and descending hills.


You feel fairly confident riding on paved and hard packed roads.
You have experience riding all sorts of curves, ascents, and descents.
You are used to riding in some inclement weather conditions.
You have some experience with un-surfaced roads, but potentially less experience with more demanding off-road riding.

Intermediate level for the AdMo-Tours dirt bike training
Level 3: Intermediate dual sport training for anyone age 15 or older with some motorcycle riding experience. A motorcyclist entering this class typically is looking for more supervised seat time to get ready for guided or individual dual sport adventures.

Level 4 - ADVANCED

You are a seasoned rider, comfortably riding on-road and off-road.
You can easily ride for long periods in all kind of weather conditions.
You have ridden a variety of motorcycles for many years, possibly actively participated on rallies, tours, etc.

Advanced level for the AdMo-Tours dirt bike training
Level 4: Advanced in-depth dirt bike training for anyone with off-road motorcycling experience. A motorcyclist entering this class typically wants to perfect skills such as riding obstacles, banked or rutted turns, rock steps, single tracks, wheelies, jumps, and drifting, as well as getting comfortable for long-distance dirt bike rides.

Level 5 - EXPERT

You like to participate in motorcycle races.
You are able to ride any surface without difficulty in all weather conditions.
You can ride for extended periods of time at day or night (7-8 hours) without tiring.
You own motorcycles and actively ride almost every week.

Expert level for the AdMo-Tours dirt bike class
Level 5: Expert rider class to prep riders for race events. For anyone with established off-road riding experience. Get ready for your next district race or international rally.