AdMo-Tours Dirt Bike Training

California and Nevada, USA

Learn to ride - ride to improve. Whether you just want to try riding for a day, you're a newcomer who wants to learn the fantastic sport of dirt bike riding, a street rider who wants to experience a new dimension of motorcycle riding or a dirt bike rider who wants to improve, this training class will provide you with well-rounded riding instruction based on your goals. Our focus is to make you comfortable in recreational dirt bike riding!

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 • MSF True Beginner School

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Training for all levels. Our group classes are divided roughly into beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes, so you can continue to learn more no matter where you start! AdMo Tours Dirt Bike School involves two sections: Learn to Ride and Ride to Improve. Learn to Ride provides step-by-step instructions which teach you safe dirt-bike riding techniques, the mental aspects of riding, preparation for dual-sport or cross country riding, or anything else you would like to focus on. Ride to Improve provides time at the end of each full-day training day for you to practice your newly acquired techniques with your instructor on a variety of scenic trails.

"Thanks for one of the greatest days of my life! I had the best time learning about dirt bikes and finally achieving my goal of riding on a trail! The training session was perfect with everything from equipment to the cold drinks and energy snacks. I learned a lot about the sport in a safe environment and had so much fun! The professionalism was beyond my expectations! I would recommend this to anyone who has ever dreamed of riding a dirt bike and having fun! Thanks again for the exhilarating experience!" -Susanna, an AdMo dirt bike student

Training Details
Host:  AdMo-Tours
Locations:  1. Los Angeles Area (California)|
   - Courses begin at El Mirage OHV area between Palmdale & Victorville
   - About 90 minutes drive from LA, 2 hours from San Diego, 4 hours from Las Vegas
   - Closest airport - Ontario, CA (a 45 minute drive)
   - Available year-round

2. Las Vegas Area (Nevada)|
   - Courses begin near Las Vegas
   - About 45 minutes from the main strip
   - Available November - February
Lodging:  Riders' Den at AdMo-Tours, Inc in Wrightwood, CA
Duration:  - Full day training (includes a 4+ hour lesson, plus 2 hours of riding)
- Multiple days possible
Motorcycles:  Hondas, KTMs, Suzukis, or bring your own! See pricing for a detailed list.
   - Dirt bike rentals are available in Wrightwood & Las Vegas|
Group size:  Maximum number of trainees: 5 per instructor

Class Level
You choose your class!
 • Beginner Class
 • Intermediate Class
 • Advanced Class

• Any person 10 years and older is welcome

Included Services
• Gasoline
• Snacks and refreshments
• Instructor
• Instruction on dirt-bike riding techniques

Not Included
• Meals
• Admissions, etc.
• Accommodations are available in Wrightwood (ask about other locations!)

Training Photos  
Check out some pictures of our recent training sessions!

Training Dates
Bring the whole family for a day of fun learning to ride a dirt bike!!

Season: Nevada: November - February
                California: year-round!

Scheduled classes in the Los Angeles Area: Most Fridays and Saturdays
    January 25, 2014 - Special training session for families, taught by Uwe Diemer, owner of ADMO.

Scheduled classes in the Las Vegas Area: All Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Training Pricing PER DAY
Group Lesson Price
- Price per rider with 2+ riders $215
- Price per rider with 1 rider $399
Motorcycle Rentals (California)
- Honda CRF80, CRF230, Suzuki DRZ 400 $132
- KTM 450 or 525 $242
Motorcycle Rentals (Nevada)
- Honda CRF80, XR80, CRF150, or CRF230 $132
- Kawasaki KLR 400e $132
- Suzuki DRZ-125, DR 200, DRZ-400e, or DRZ-400S $132
- KTM EXC 525 or MXC 450 $242
Mandatory insurance is required for rental of street legal motorcycles, for a one-time $3 fee plus $15 per day. See more info. [pdf]
Feel free to bring your own bike! Your street-legal bike must have a 120-mile gas range. Ride price does not include transport of your bike to/from ride location.
> Prices quoted in USD. See current currency conversion rate.

Extra Services
Private Lesson Option
No other participants will be booked in the same lesson as you or your group. +$300 per group
Optional Crash Damage Waiver
Limits client responsibility to $150 in the event of damage. Without CDW, you are responsible for all damage to the rental motorcycle. +$35 per day
New Tire Upgrade
Guarantees new front and rear tires on the rental motorcycle. +$150 + tax
MSR Gear Rental
Includes helmet, goggles, boots, knee guards, elbow protectors, chest deflector, jersey, pants & dirt gloves. +$60

Our Head Instructor
Learn about our head instructor, Uwe Diemer: after several years of street bike racing in Europe, Uwe braved an adventure ride across the Sahara alone and unsupported. He has traveled to fifteen African countries along the legendary Paris - Dakar route on his dirt bike! He rode a specially built Yamaha TT 600 through eighteen South and Central American countries, rode the Trans Amazonian Highway and traveled the Darien Gap! (featured in the July 1997 Motorcyclist magazine). Since 1997, he has guided dirt bike tours in the Mojave Desert and Dual-Sport adventure rides in Europe and South America!


Based on your training needs, we will coach you in some or all of the following skill areas:

• Basic motorcycle riding techniques
• Clutch and throttle control
• Proper front and rear braking
• Turning techniques
• Off-road safety strategies
• Reading the terrain
• Crossing obstacles
• Up and down hill techniques
• Whoops
• Problem solving on the trail
• Orientation and navigation
• Riding areas and trail systems
• Riding position, balance, energy management
• Speed management and comfort for body and mind
• Mental and physical preparation
• Riding sand, rocks and other terrain
• Equipment and bike preparation for dual-sport rides
• Rules and regulations for dual-sport riders
• Adventure touring tips

Note: We reserve the right to make changes.

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