Dirt Bike Training

Learn to ride - ride to improve!

We offer dirt bike training in small groups and for any skill level. We train you in a safe environment surrounded by dozen’s of acres of off-road riding. You will have all the freedom to enjoy a new riding experience.

Join our instructor, world class off-road racer, Daniel Sedlak, and his team of trainers for a day you won’t forget.

Dirt Bike Training for Beginners

Level 1 – Beginner

Entry level dirt bike school (no motorcycle experience required)

Dirt Bike Training for Beginners

Level 2 – Novice

Recreational dirt bike motorcycle course for riders with, or without, a driver’s license. Learn what is needed to participate in day rides

\Dirt Bike Training for Intermediate Riders

Level 3 – Intermediate

Dual sport training focused on improving your existing skills, spontaneous reaction, comfort, and increasing experience to be a faster and safer rider

Dirt Bike Training for Advanced Riders

Level 4 – Advanced

In-depth dirt bike training for anyone with off-road motorcycling experience. Get comfortable for riding multi-day tours.

Dirt Bike Training for Advanced Riders

Level 5 - Expert

Intense rider class to prep riders for race events. For anyone with established off-road riding experience. Get ready for your next district race or international rally.

Available in:

Learn to Ride provides step-by-step instructions which teach you safe dirt bike riding techniques, the mental aspects of riding, preparation for dual-sport or cross country riding, or anything else you would like to focus on.

Ride to Improve provides time at the end of each training day for you to practice your newly acquired techniques with your instructor on a variety of scenic trails.

If you can handle a dirt bike, you can handle any bike!