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Bolivia... "Classic Motorbikes Tour"

This tour will give you the chance to explore Bolivia from the seat of a Honda motorcycle. Some of South America's best riding is in Bolivia, including the world-famous salt flats of Uyuni and the curvy, high-altitude mountain roads around La Paz. From deserts to snowy peaks, from lagoons to volcanos, Bolivia is the perfect place for a motorcycle adventure - and this tour will provide you with excellent guides and the best accommodations for your trip!
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This tour begins in the mountains and the altiplano of La Paz. As we ride through Bolivia, we will visit the Uyuni salt flats, deserts, volcanos, lagoons, and miner cities. We will visit the picturesque city of Tupiza, famous for its colorful mountains and temperate climate, and for being near the San Vicente Mine, where the Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy died. From the city of Potosi, we will descend into the temperate valley of Sucre (the capital of Bolivia) and Samaipata, where we will visit 'El Fuerte', the pre-Incan ruins. And don't forget Santa Cruz - located in the heart of the amazonas, filled with beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife.

Tour Details
Host:  Millennium Adventure Expeditions  (LPBMI2)
Tour Character:  Adventure riding
Start/End:  La Paz, Bolivia
Duration:  17 days
Riding days:  14 days
Entire Route:  About 3,444 km (2,140 miles) - 40% off-road, 60% paved
Motorcycles:  Honda NX Falcon (electric start), Honda XR 250 (electric start), Honda XR 600 (electric & kick start), Honda XR 650 (electric & kick start), Honda XR 400 (kick start)
Group riding:  Not required
Accommodations:  Comfortable three-star, four-star, & five-star hotels
Highlights:  La Paz, Uyuni Salt Flats, Fish Island, Siloli desert, Laguna Colorada, lagoons, volcanos, old mines, El Fuerte, Santa Cruz
Tour Difficulty

 All-weather motorcycling experience required
 Ability to ride for long distances required
 Ability to ride gravel and sand roads required
        *Need dirt bike training? Click here.


Vaccination against yellow fever is required
We recommend you bring:
    - Personal insurance against accidents
    - Hot weather, cold weather clothes, extra shoes
    - Sun cream, sun hat, mosquito repellent
    - Light sleeping bag, flashlight, knife
    - Swimming clothes, sandals
    - Bike gear
(we recommend you bring your own helmet or jacket, but we can provide them at no additional cost if necessary)

Tour Services

Rental motorcycles & fuel
Hotels, some meals
Transfer to/from airport
First aid kit
Local insurance against personal accidents SOAT
Insurance for the motorbike
Helmet, jacket, gloves
Tour guide on motorcycle
Mechanic & assistant
Support car for baggage & equipment
Snacks and water

Not Included

Some meals, drinks, & snacks
Individual activities, tips, & souvenirs
Hotels and meals in La Paz
Alcoholic beverages

 Tour Dates  

This tour is available year-round, at your convenience!
The best months for touring in Bolivia are May through December.
The worst months are during rainy season - January through March.

Contact us with the dates that interest you!

 Tour Price   PER PERSON
 Rider renting a Honda motorcycle  
Price per rider with 5 participants $7535
Price per rider with 4 participants $8533
Price per rider with 3 participants $9530
Price per rider with 2 participants $10535
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Day 1:

Arrival in La Paz

Transfer from the airport to a five-star hotel in La Paz. In the afternoon, we will discuss details of the tour and check on the bikes. No meals are included on this day.

Day 2:
La Paz - Oruro

The trip to Oruro is approximately four hours (270 km / 168 miles) on paved roads, and will give you an opportunity to get used to your bikes. The high-altitude landscape is typical of the Altiplano in the Andes. We will arrive at a three-star hotel in Oruro in the evening. No meals are included on this day.

Day 3:
Oruro - Jirira

The ride to Jirira takes seven hours (245 km / 152 miles), half on paved roads and half off-road. As we continue on a paved road past Challapata village, the green highland near Titikaka lake transforms into a desert. On the way, we will pass Huari village, sanctuary of Quillacas, and Salinas de Garci Mendoza village. Finally, we will arrive in the village of Jirira near the shores of the salt flat of Uyuni, where we will stay at the best hotel in the area. Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner will all be included.

Day 4:
Jirira - Isla Pescado

On this day, we traverse the salt field of Uyuni, and on the way we will visit the Fish Island where we can see the giant cactus (Piloes cereus selcianus), and fantastic panoramas of the salt fields. This ride takes seven hours (120 km / 75 miles), half off-road and half on salt-paved terrain. We will arrive in San Juan village after crossing the salt flats and passing the Colcha K village. Again, our hotel is the best in the area! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included.

Day 5:
San Juan - Laguna Colorada

This is one of the hardest days! The journey from San Juan to Laguna Colorada is only 195 km (121 miles), but it will take about nine hours because it is 100% off-road, with sand, gravel, stones, steep climb and descents, and many curves! There is a lot of fun and many changes available for motorcyclists on this route. Early in the morning we will drive cross-country through the panoramic Siloli desert, stopping along the way to visit the famous "Arbol de Piedra" ('tree stone'). After passing different lagoons, we will arrive at Laguna Colorada, where there is a concentration of hundreds of pink flamingos. We will stay at the best hotel in the area. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included.

Day 6:
Laguna Colorada - Laguna Verde - Mallku

From Laguna Colorada to Mallku will take nine hours (250 km / 155 miles), again 100% off-road. More challenges are available today with plenty of sand, gravel, and two river crossings. After one hour's ride we will arrive at the crater of "Sol de Mañana" and its intense volcanic activity. After three hours, we will reach the banks of Laguna Verde in the base of the Volcano Llicancabur, then we continue past Alota village and the valle de las rocas ('rocky valley') toward our final destination in Mallku village. Our tourist lodgings are the best in the village! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 7:
Mallku - Uyuni

The trip to Uyuni village takes four hours (155 km / 96 miles), 100% off-road. We will pass San Cristóbal mine and visit the trains cemetary before arriving in Uyuni village. Basic lodging. The afternoon is free for you to explore the area or rest. Breakfast is included.

Day 8:
Uyuni - Tupiza

Riding to Tupiza will take seven hours (240 km / 150 miles), 100% off-road. We will drive down through temperate valleys to the small town of Tupiza, a charming place with a pleasant climate and a fantastic panorama of the red mountains. We will stay at the best hotel in the village. Breakfast and lunch are included.

Day 9:
Tupiza - Potosi

We will traverse the temperate valleys and the highlands, enjoying the fantastic views throughout the trip, which will last nine hours (350 km / 217 miles), 90% off-road, 10% asphalt on a high-traffic road. We will arrive in Potosi to our four-star hotel. Breakfast at the hotel and lunch are included.

Day 10:

On our tenth day, we'll have a look around Potosi, spending the morning visiting the cooperative mines, and spending the afternoon visiting the Casa de Moneda Museum. We will stay at our four-star hotel for the night. No meals are included on this day.

Day 11:
Potosi - Sucre

The route to Sucre is a relaxing descent for three hours (164 km / 102 miles) on paved roads. In Sucre, the capitol of Bolivia, we will stay in a four-star hotel. No meals are included on this day.

Day 12:
Sucre - Samaipàta

From Sucre to Samaipata is an eight hour drive (495 km / 308 miles), 90% on paved roads and 10% on gravel roads. Again, we will descend on a highway (including some gravel roads in good condition). The panorama will change as we pass several quechua villages. We will arrive in Samaipàta, where we will stay in the best hotel in the village. Lunch is included.

Day 13:
Samaipàta - Santa Cruz

In the morning, we'll travel by car to visit "El fuerte", an ancient sacred place from before the time of the Incas. In the afternoon, we will leave to Santa Cruz, a four hour trip (125 km / 78 miles) on paved roads with many curves and descents. We will ride down the pass into the city of Santa Cruz to stay at a five-star hotel. No meals are included on this day.

Day 14:
Santa Cruz - Villa Tunari

On the fourteenth day, we will cross the chapare area, which has beautiful vegetation and fantastic views. We arrive in Villa Tunari (2,308 m / 7,572 ft elevation) and stay in a four-star hotel after an eight hour ride (315 km / 196 miles), 90% on asphalt. Breakfast is provided at the hotel and lunch is included.

Day 15:
Villa Tunari - Cochabamba

After lunch, we will leave Villa Tunari on a curvy road with some traffic. We will arrive in Cochabamba (2,558 m / 8,392 ft elevation) and stay at a five-star hotel after three hours of riding (157 km / 98 miles). No meals are included on this day.

Day 16:
Cochabamba - La Paz

From Cochabamba, we continue on the highway toward the city of La Paz. We ascend to the Altiplano, with the views of the snowy mountains. The ride is six hours (363 km / 226 miles) on asphalt. We will arrive in La Paz to stay in a five-star hotel. No meals are included.

Day 17:
La Paz

Transfer to the airport or to your hotel.

Note: We reserve the right to make changes.

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